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Cardanol Production Process

The production process of Cardanol involves a systematic series of steps to maximize its commercial potential, as outlined in the research article “Commercial potential of bioresins and their success in thermosetting composites: an overview” (Lutton et al., 2017). The steps include:

1. CNSL Extraction: Begin by extracting Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) from cashew nut shells using either mechanical or solvent-based methods.

2 Distillation: Subject the extracted CNSL to distillation, separating its various components and placing emphasis on isolating Cardanol.

3. Fractional Distillation: Employ fractional distillation to enhance the purity of Cardanol, ensuring a refined and concentrated end product.

4. Filtration: Purify the distilled liquid through filtration processes, effectively removing impurities and undesired particles.

5. Chemical Modifications (Optional): Depending on the intended application, introduce optional chemical modifications to tailor the properties of Cardanol.

6. Quality Control: Implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process to meet and exceed industry standards.

7. Packaging: Conclude the process by packaging the high-quality and refined Cardanol for distribution and use in various industries, particularly in the development of environmentally friendly thermosetting composites (Lutton et al., 2017, Commercial potential of bioresins and their success in thermosetting composites: an overview)

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