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Degumming CNSL process

Degumming is a process that enhances the suitability of CNSL for various applications, including the production of high-quality bio-based materials. Overview of the Degumming CNSL Process can be describe as follow:

1. Extracting: To extract Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) from cashew nut shells focusing on obtaining a raw material rich in Cardanol and related compounds.

2. Degumming: To remove undesirable gums and impurities from the CNSL and to enhance its purity by mixing hot distilled water with crude CNSL (1:1, v/v) in a baker. The baker then placed in a water bath (60 8C) equipped with a magnetic stirrer.

3. Solvent Utilizating: Utilize a solvent, often ethanol or acetone, in the degumming process to effectively separate gums and other non-desirable components from the CNSL.

4. Mixing and Separating: Employ mixing and separation techniques to facilitate the removal of gums, ensuring a cleaner and more refined CNSL.

5. Centrifugating: Implement centrifugation as a key step in the degumming process, efficiently separating the degummed CNSL from residual impurities.

6. Drying: Conclude the process with a drying stage to remove any remaining traces of solvent, resulting in a degummed CNSL with improved quality and reduced impurities. (7) Quality Control: Incorporate rigorous quality control measures throughout the degumming process, ensuring the final product meets industry standards and specifications.

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